Regi Fields – AKA Krucial R

Artist,Actor,Producer,Musician,AV Engineer,Software Developer.

Regi Fields has worked with the who’s who in the Media, Entertainment and tech businesses Including: Guest Shot Records Universal laface, Darp RCA ,UPD Artist and producer’s George Clinton, Roderick from 5-11, C-side, KennyKold, DJ Brickz, Player Ponchoo, Ace, Moses Daily Ent. and the Bill Lowery group.

Booming System Tech Media:A State of the Art 2d and 3d Analog and Digital Audio Mastering and Mixing service consulting and studio build outs room tuning -home theater and studio

Services: Video Shoots-music ,wedding, kids events film documentaries, video editing, trailers, on-line computer coding classes/studio workshops